wild {unknown} friday

This week it may seem that you are highly perceptive and receptive to any emotional undercurrents. You can see right through people and situations with laser sharp instincts. Nothing can be hidden or concealed from you today. Your inner radar is highly developed and can hone in on the deeper levels of reality.


wild {unknown} friday

I love this depiction of the Seven of Swords from The Wild Unknown deck, showing a very shifty and devious looking fox concealing one of the swords beneath his curled up body.

When this card appears, be careful who you trust, as someone may be trying to “pull the wool over your eyes” regarding something. It could indicate a betrayal or deception that has yet to come to light.

Equally, it could refer to something underhand or dishonest that you are contemplating getting involved with. Think carefully, as sometimes although it may seem like the easier option, the truth is usually the best policy in the long run.

In the words of Walter Scott…..

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.”

Equally, this card could also be about something that we are at pains to keep from ourselves. Sometimes we are all guilty of burying our heads in the sand, rather than facing up to the unpalatable truth of a situation, emotion or action that we would prefer to blank out and ignore.

wild {unknown} friday

This week may be busy, busy, busy! It may be difficult to stay focused as events force you to keep on changing direction and going off at a tangent. It is possible that there may be revelations which come completely out of the blue and force you to re-evaluate situations which you thought you had a handle on. Stay on your toes this week and be poised to ‘turn on a sixpence’ if required.

wild {unknown} friday

The Pentacles represent the physical and material aspects of life, so the Father of Pentacles is someone who has dominion over the material world and through hard work, discipline and a conscientious attitude is able to create wealth, security and stability. This person has reached the pinnacle of prosperity and affluence and consequently is now able to take pride in their achievements and enjoy the luxury, abundance and sensuality derived from the fruits of their labour.

This person is skilled in wealth generation and never misses a business opportunity. The Father of Pentacles is strong and powerful and takes great pride in being an excellent provider who ensures the stability, security and protection of his loved ones.

The more negative aspects of this character which can sometimes be apparent are a tendency to be authoritative, controlling and domineering.

When The Father of Pentacles puts in an appearance it may be an indication that someone with these qualities may enter your life. It can also be a time when you will achieve the best results by incorporating the energies of this card into your projects!

wild {unknown} friday

This week is a good time to take some time out to mull over your options. Don’t feel pressured to jump right into a particular course of action. This card shows that you have time to seek your own inner guidance and wisdom on any matter that is troubling you, and in fact it may actually be beneficial to hit pause before reaching a final decision. You may even find that by doing nothing a problem miraculously solves itself!

wild {unknown} friday

This week’s Card is the Four of Pentacles, and so it would be great to use this energy as an opportunity for consolidation. Anywhere in your life where a greater sense of stability and security is needed would be the best place to start. Because we are dealing with the suit of Pentacles, this will relate to the physical world of money, home, your body and health, and the natural world. Maybe you need to turn your attention to your finances to build in more security for the coming year? Or perhaps the excesses of the festive season have left you feeling sluggish and lacklustre? This is a fantastic time for putting in place sustainable steps to stabilise and ground your plans for the upcoming year.

Until next week,

Caro Tarot๐Ÿ’›

wild {unknown} friday

This week, be still, and listen carefully to incoming information. This may take the form of snippets of conversation overheard; song lyrics; something you read in a book, or inspiration from your own intuition. There could be some highly useful information here, and something that you will immediately recognise as truth…..it may feel like tiny light bulbs firing in your mind and producing a significant “ah-ha” moment.๐Ÿ’›