Earth Spirit Blog ~ April

  Anyone who has entered into the enchanted world of Earth Spirit can’t help but be mesmerised by the brilliant array of crystals on offer. Each crystal formation is like a mini work of art created by Mother Earth herself! However, it can also be overwhelming to make that first foray into the healing power of crystals. There are so many beautiful specimens to chose from so how do you cut through the confusion and find the perfect crystal for you?  Here at Earth Spirit we have decided to dispel some of the mystery and have come up with the idea of putting together a special little “Crystal Beginners Kit” to take your first tentative steps on this amazing journey to discover all that crystals have to offer. Our first kit includes three crystals that are considered good “all rounders” which will nurture your mind, body and spirit to help you achieve a new sense of balance in your life. These three stones come in their own little silk pouch with an information leaflet with keywords to describe their properties. This is a great way to start to discover for yourself all the brilliant ways that crystals can help to create more harmony and wellbeing in your life. The stones we have selected for this kit are: -MIND- Citrine This beautiful yellow crystal boosts creativity, and uplifts you if you are feeling low. It revitalises and reenergises with a shot of positive energy. It also has the added benefit of increasing abundance and is known as the “money stone”. -BODY- Carnelian This gorgeous orangey-red crystal invigorates the body, and gives a powerful surge of power and energy when you need a boost. It helps to keep you energised and focused on the task at hand. Carnelian is also marvellous when you need to improve your self esteem. If you are under the weather or are suffering with a cold, carrying or wearing a carnelian has an invigorating, feel-better effect. -SPIRIT- Amethyst Amethyst is a dreamy purple stone which will help you connect to the deepest parts of your soul. It is an amazing aid to meditation and an excellent crystal to develop and enhance intuition and imagination. It has an inherent high frequency which purifies the aura and helps to dispel negativity. It is also a wonderful stone for endeavours where creative, original thinking is called for. These three stones are a great starting point for anyone looking to explore the myriad uses of crystals in their life. They can be used in conjunction, or you can simply pick the crystal that you feel most drawn to in the moment and use it as an aid to meditation or to carry with you in your pocket or handbag. They can be a great comfort to hold in your hand in times of stress or anxiety. They can also be placed on your desk when you are working to aid concentration and focus. Some people like to create a special place in their home where they can display their crystals, maybe with some other special objects, candles and photographs. Each month we will be bringing you more blog posts focusing on different crystals and information regarding their properties and uses. We also hope to put together more crystal “kits” with specific benefits in mind, such as aids for studying, crystals for creativity, and ones to combat anxiety and depression to name a few. We look forward to connecting with you again next month. The Crystal Queen


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