Earth Spirit Blog ~ May

  It’s that time of year again when exam fever strikes fear into the hearts of students everywhere. This can be an extremely stressful and tough time, where so much rests on attaining the grades necessary to get into the Uni or college of your choice, or to achieve a good degree which will allow you to pursue your career aims. Not surprisingly, with so much pressure you may be feeling stressed and burnt out before you even sit the test or exam.

At Earth Spirit we understand how difficult this time can be and so we have put together a little kit to help you or your loved one weather this rollercoaster. Although of course it can’t compensate for thorough revision and preparation, we hope it will help you to focus, concentrate and pull out the information required from the recesses of your memory.
We have included three stones with properties to enhance your learning experience, counter stress and give you the confidence to know that when it counts you can pull the relevant info “out of the bag”.
We have “Hematite” first of all which is great for centredness and confidence and for giving strength to cope with a demanding situation. It enhances mental processes, including memory and clarity of thought. It is particularly effective for stimulating mathematical abilities if you are working with numbers. It is fabulous for grounding you if you feel spaced out due to nerves and anxieties.
The second stone we have included is “Clear Quartz”. It helps you to focus energy and inspiration towards your work, and also unlocks memory and improves concentration.
Finally “Purple Fluorite” is an amazing stone to assist with exams, tests and studying. It is purported to increase concentration when learning new lessons and to lend eloquence if you get stuck for words. It is an excellent learning aid, helping to organise and process new information and promotes quick thinking. It also has an added benefit for students using computers for extended periods of time in that it helps to absorb electromagnetic pollution.
This is a great little gift for anyone in your life struggling with the stresses and strains of exams and studying. It can be carried in your bag or pocket during exams to give you a bit of extra fortification and good luck!
Affirmation – “My mind easily absorbs knowledge and information and I feel confident and focused. I celebrate good results!”
Available while stocks last at Earth Spirit.
The Crystal Queen


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