It’s NEVER too late to live your dreams……

  This blog is written for midlife women like me! In it I hope to share and curate my passions and heartfelt stories in the hope that others may find something they relate to amongst my humble offerings.

Maybe someone, who like me is trying to navigate life at this life stage, and still yearning to experience new things and adventures. Someone who is creative, spiritual and soulful and who wants to rediscover their joie de vivre as a mature woman and still feel that they have possibilities! I am an empty nester and need to redefine my life and role now that I no longer have a dependent child. I feel that I haven’t fully “blossomed” yet as there is still so much I want to do and experience. I love photography, nature, coffee, cafes, people watching, sunshine, style, symbolism, dance, writing, journaling, cooking and eating seasonally, crystals and sensuality. This is what I hope to share in my blog. I also have a great yearning to travel as my travelling experience up to press is very minimal. This is how I see my life “blossoming” and opening out in midlife. My world has become very small and restricted and I long to break out and have some adventures! My blog is for all women out there who believe it’s never too late to live the life they’ve dreamed of.

My blog will be about finding and reconnecting with my true self and living with passion and purpose; rediscovering my loves and finally living my dreams. I am a late bloomer…..but better late than never?


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