the coffee fix

 I have a confession to make! I can be a grumpy cow until I get my first coffee fix of the day. It has become something of a ritual to me, eagerly anticipated and planned; woe betide anyone who gets in the way of this sacrosanct routine.
There are not many things which can coax me out of the cocoon of slumber any earlier than strictly necessary, but coffee is one of them. To make time for this ceremony to take place I need to arrive in the small bohemian town of Hebden Bridge at least half an hour before I start work so that I can indulge my caffeine habit in the sanctity of one of the many atmospheric cafes which this arty little town is home to. Will it be Cafe Solo, Valentine’s or Mooch? They all have distinct personalities and during my leisurely stroll from car park to town centre I will decide which satisfies the mood of the day. Will it be the quirky, idiosyncratic Mooch? Or is today a whimsical, shabby chic Valentine’s kind of day?
Today Mooch, with it’s distinctly retro vintage vibe prevailed, and I spent a delicious half an hour sipping my hot, dark coffee, enfolded in the warm and ambient interior.

God forbid that anyone dares to encroach on my space or enter the bubble that surrounds me, while I gently persuade myself to enter the land of the living and embark on another working day! This is my time to daydream, to imagine, to lose myself in reverie……to set myself up for the day. It is my little ritual and it is non negotiable.


7 thoughts on “the coffee fix

  1. Fab post, I could have been there with you! I love your rose at the top of your blog beautiful and enjoyed reading what you have composed so far Caro, well done.

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