everything happens perfectly…….

I’ve just been contemplating how controlling I am when it comes to things happening in my life. Especially in a time like now when nothing appears to be happening on the surface of my life, I forget that at a deeper level things are always in flux and change. It’s just that we cannot perceive this change until it manifests at a conscious and physical level. Sometimes I do find it really frustrating, and wonder if anything different will ever happen again, or whether my life will just remain as it is at the moment, plodding along on the same trajectory.

I suppose that we just have to have faith that whatever is happening at the moment is happening in the perfect space/time, and just trust that divine intelligence and timing is orchestrating our lives so that they work out for our highest good. I suppose it’s a bit like planting seeds in a garden, with the right conditions for growth, but instead of waiting for the seedlings to break through the surface, and having trust that this will happen in it’s own divine time, instead we take a shovel to the garden and dig them all up to check on their progress. Of course, in taking this action we destroy the first tender growth of the seeds and have to start all over again.

Of course, with our arrogance as human beings, we also always think that we know the way things should be working out in our lives. Because we become so attached to the idea of specific outcomes, we often limit the good that is able to unfold in our lives, whereas if we had ‘let go, and let God’ we might have found that a much better outcome materialised, far beyond our wildest dreams.

So, for today at least, I am going to try and go with the flow and allow plenty of space and time for my life to simply unfold, exactly as it was intended to by the divine intelligence of the universe!image


3 thoughts on “everything happens perfectly…….

  1. So very true! Life is so much easier when we can let go and not try and control everything – digging up the seedlings. It one of the hardest lessons to learn. Thank you for the reminder. xox


  2. I agree with these thoughts completely. It always feels like nothing is happening until everything is happening all at once- funny how that works. I love the way you brought that insight and then shared your thought process. It is inspiring to think of letting go of control a little bit. I will try to do the same. Thank you!

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