finding authenticity

I don’t really know the first thing about blogs, but I thought I’d have a go, more as a way to get some thoughts out of my head and into some kind of tangible form. I don’t know if anyone else will be interested in reading them, or whether I will just use it as a therapeutic way to make some sense out of the almost constant feelings, ideas, thoughts and theories which seem to swim around my head as if it’s their own personal aquarium. Sometimes I feel as if it’s been hijacked by sharks or piranhas, and at other times I feel that there are beautiful angel fish gracefully gliding by. What surprises me most is the speed with which one can turn to the other……and usually it’s the angel fish morphing into the piranhas unfortunately. It’s amazing how one minute I can feel really positive about life, and my place in it, and then almost with no warning I can start to feel really negative, and as if nothing I ever do will be good enough, and as if I have nothing of value to offer.

I suppose what I really want to explore in this blog is my journey as I try to discover my own authenticity, and hopefully in the process help other people to reach for their own. I believe passionately that we all have a special place to fill in the Universe…..a place which only our special collection of skills, talents and gifts can fill. I look at the Universe as being like an enormous cosmic jigsaw puzzle where each piece is unique. Although we can try and force ourselves into a place which isn’t really quite the right fit for us, we will always feel slightly uncomfortable, until we find the little niche where we slot perfectly into place. When we find this place, I believe that everything in our lives will start to make more sense, and our external lives will start to fall into place with more ease and elegance.

I firmly believe that the way to find this place is to reconnect with all the things which we truly love, feel passionate and enthusiastic about, and which inspire us to become the very best versions of ourselves. We can only ever be a pale imitation of someone else, but we can be the best version possible of ourselves. Nobody else can be us as well as we can! Looking at life from this perspective means that we never have to compare ourselves unfavourably with anyone else ever again! We are not inferior or superior to anyone else…..just different, and equally valuable and worthy in our own very special way!

That’s a really energising and inspiring thought, although sometimes difficult to hold on to when we are feeling negative, and as if what we have to offer is not as important or worthy as that of other individuals. Anyway, that is my intention with this blog….to hopefully talk about these ideas and see if I can get clearer in my own heart and mind a way of feeling them in my soul more of the time!


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