little sparrow

When I look ahead to my future

down the grey path of mediocrity which my life has become,

I feel despair and doom

interlaced together and woven into a gilded cage.

The small dowdy sparrow I have become

cowers, trapped in the corners of her existence.

Show me how to wrench the bars of life apart and set her free,

and watch as she soars skywards

her feathers take on rainbow hues

her song transforms this planet into a joyful place.

This small bird is me

If only I could be set free


4 thoughts on “little sparrow

  1. When I was little, I rescued a little sparrow that had got trapped in a nook in the wall. When I got it out it just sat in my hand for a while, so light and fluffy and then off it flew…free. Sparrows are full of inner power, strength and tenacity…can’t keep a little sparrow trapped for long. xox


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