wild {unknown} friday


Inspiration has been elusive this morning so I decided to seek the help of the tarot to advise on the best way to proceed. The card I drew from The Wild Unknown deck was the Eight of Pentacles, depicting a spider right at the centre of it’s beautiful, intricate web. You can’t build a structure this beautiful without focus, concentration and attention to detail. It is only through hard work, diligence, dedication and patience that the spider can hope to produce architecture of such complex and elaborate design.

I feel that there is an important message for me here. I often have a tendency to want to “run before I can walk”, and repeatedly abandon projects prematurely because they are not “perfect”. All my life I have felt the need to do something well, right from the get-go (probably due to a highly critical father who was never satisfied with my efforts), and have been unwilling to put in the time and effort to learn my craft, whatever that may be. So many projects have been ditched because they are “not good enough”, and I see now that this is merely a projection of my own thoughts and judgements about myself and not measuring up to the impossibly high standards that I set myself. It is easier to jettison fledgling creative endeavours than face the scrutiny and criticism that I’m sure is going to come my way if I have the courage to put myself “out there”.

So today, instead of allowing the voice of fear and procrastination to ensure I fall at the first hurdle I decided to push through the resistance and lack of inspiration and just write SOMETHING…..anything! This card advises that any problems with the creative process are more to do with application than inspiration; it draws attention to the fact that if you can’t think of anything brilliant to write, then just write something, and go through the motions until illumination strikes.

In other words, when you don’t know what to do, do something.


5 thoughts on “wild {unknown} friday

  1. Love it! I have that deck as well and it has been the source of so many a-ha moments. This is a great insight I think and I look forward to hearing more… love seeing the tarot involved in your site.

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    1. Ah yes, The Wild Unknown is my favourite too…..a beautiful deck and so full of wisdom. I have used many different decks over the years but this one feels like a perfect fit for me.


  2. Aaaah beautiful post, so honest and raw, think many of us have felt similar at times. I *love* The Wild Unknown deck, it’s my ‘truth’ deck – it’s gonna tell it just like it is. Yikes! Glad you’re breaking through and illuminating us with your words.xox


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