many happy returns!

  Today is my Birthday, and whereas a couple of decades ago this occasion would be eagerly anticipated with much excitement and planning, nowadays I would really rather keep my head down and hope that it passes by virtually unnoticed. 

Yesterday a work colleague asked what I was doing to mark the passing of another year and I replied that I would rather not have any more birthdays now that I’ve clocked up more than a half century. Afterwards I considered the folly of what I had actually said, and fervently hoped that my subconscious mind had taken my remark with a pinch of salt and not literally as it has wont to do. After all, no more birthdays means no more “me”, and that wasn’t what I had in mind at all!

I suppose it’s not really the passing of the years that is the issue, apart from the fact that each birthday means that I’m that little bit nearer the grave. I think that for me it’s more about sustaining health and vitality, as this will be what ensures that I can continue to explore all the possibilities and adventures which I hope will be available to me on this midlife journey.

So instead of bemoaning the passing of the years I should be celebrating the fact that I am still able to fully participate in life, and embracing my midlife years of freedom and opportunity.


6 thoughts on “many happy returns!

  1. Happy Birthday! And i’ll quote you back to you you – “It’s never too late to live your dreams.” I certainly do not relish birthdays anymore, so I hear you, but there is something lovely that comes from wisdom of each passing year. Enjoy your day!

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  2. A very belated happy birthday Caro! I’m sure your subconscious mind will keep you going for a long long time yet! If you’re going to keep your head down, make sure it is near that cake…looks absolutely delicious. Big love for the coming year. xox

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