wild {unknown} friday

  Today’s card, the Three of Pentacles talks of the need to collaborate and cooperate. Although we may have mountains to climb in the form of obstacles and challenges in our path, this card assures us we will do better if we team up with others.

The three interconnecting Pentacles in red, blue and yellow symbolise the many different talents and attributes that different people bring to a situation. These are the gifts of action and drive, intuition, empathy and feeling, and creativity and intellectual abilities. When all this diversity is added to the mix the synergy created outweighs the sum of the individual parts and results in something unique and powerful.

So remember during this coming week that it’s better to make any projects or enterprises a team effort, rather than trying to go it alone.


3 thoughts on “wild {unknown} friday

  1. This was the perfect post for me to read today, Caro! I am considering entering into a collaboration with a friend that feels really good and like a great opportunity. This has confirmed what my intuition was telling me. Thank you so much for sharing this. I also particularly love it since this deck is one of my very favorites…

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    1. I’m really pleased that my post helped confirm what your intuition was telling you! I really believe that if you find your way to reading this post then it definitely has a message for you!


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