where is the love?

 Here I am sitting in the hubbub of The Trafford Centre. There is commotion and the clamouring of voices all around me. Kids squealing with delight as they toss coins into the fountain and make a wish for some childish desire.
I’ve never felt as lonely in my life as I sit at this plastic table on a pleather chair and sip my mocha coffee. My husband is absorbed in some game on his phone and I might just as well be invisible for all the attention he pays me. We never have a conversation anymore. Instead we both stay locked inside our own little worlds, only a table top of physical space between us, but emotionally miles apart.
I watch other couples interacting with each other…..laughing and joking or deep in conversation….the way they look at each other revealing a deep love.
I feel so lonely as I lose hope that I will ever find what they have got. I feel envy and disappointment course through me in equal measure. Why have I never found my soulmate? I feel as if time is running out for me now; the best years of my life are probably behind me. I never really wanted to be wealthy or famous, but I did dream of finding true and lasting love. I wanted to be the little old lady, part of a partnership celebrating fifty plus years of blissfully happy marriage. I believe it does happen to some people? But sadly, not to me.


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