Earth Spirit Blog ~ July

  It’s that time of year when everyone seems to be heading off on sunshine holidays and much needed jaunts to recharge and replenish their batteries.

So far this summer the sun has only managed to get his hat on a handful of times which can leave us feeling a bit gloomy and down in the dumps, especially if we have no likelihood of escaping from these shores this year.
Maybe work commitments mean that it will be impossible to plan a great escape for this summer which is leaving you feeling bogged down, depleted and rapidly losing your zest for life.
Time for a bit of crystal therapy to restore your sense of joie de vivre and positivity!
This month we’re focussing on crystals for the feel good factor in case you’re unable to escape to the sunshine
The first crystal we are focussing on this month is Sunstone. It was believed to hold the energy of the sun by the alchemists of old. It aids in feeling uplifted, upbeat and confident. Placed in your home it will help lift the energy of your space.
Another brilliant stone to encourage more happiness and positivity is Citrine. It is believed that Citrine doesn’t hold onto negativity and for this reason helps to dispel depression and a victim mentality. It teaches that you are worthy of success and happiness and so is an amazing crystal to assist in manifesting your goals. Meditate with citrine whilst visualising what you want to create in your life.
Orange Calcite is a beautiful, juicy looking stone, which almost looks good enough to eat. It will help you squeeze the juice out of life until the pips squeak! It promotes warmth and emotional healing, and is a fantastic energy balancer, bringing calmness and tranquility, but also boosting vitality. Meditate with Orange Calcite to allow it’s energy to bring sunshine into your life!
Finally for this month we have Carnelian which is known as a super energy stone. This is an amazing stone to hold when you need an energy boost and a shot of pure positive power. It helps to revitalise and reinvigorate when you need a lift, and is also awesome for your mental state when you need to elevate your self esteem.
So, if a getaway is out of the question this year you can still get a dose of sunny, positive energy by embracing the qualities of these crystals. 
You could carry them in a small silk pouch in your bag or pocket so that their energies are always working on your behalf. 
We also stock silver and gold cages in various sizes and leather thongs so that you can wear your crystal of choice as a piece of jewellery. In this way you are continually absorbing it’s energies as you go about your day.
Alternatively you could place your crystals around your home to ensure an uplifting and positive ambience in your personal space.
If you can’t manage a sunshine getaway this year I hope these stones will help to ameliorate this and bring a few rays of positive feel good zing into your life!


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