wild {unknown} friday

  The tarot card for help and guidance for the upcoming week is the Father of Pentacles. This card describes someone who has mastered the physical realm; someone at the top of their game, whether this is at the head of a prosperous and flourishing family, or at the helm of a highly successful business or enterprise. This person hasn’t been handed success on a plate however, but has put in the hard graft to reach the pinnacle of prosperity, usually working their way up the ranks from lowly beginnings the “tried and tested” way. They are usually very traditional and conventional in their approach.
This is the ultimate father figure….someone reliable and dependable. He has an earthy, protective and grounded quality. You will always feel safe and secure around this person, who is usually placid and balanced unless challenged. If you goad this character into conflict he will always stand his ground and the rainbow coloured antlers become a forbidable weapon which he will not hesitate to use to defend himself, his family and possessions. 

He is a master at successful manifestation on the physical plane and highly prizes his creature comforts. They have been hard won and this personality intends to fully enjoy the abundance and bounty he has provided for his family and himself.

This week a person fitting this description may put in an appearance in your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a man; it could equally be a person of either gender who embodies or displays these characteristics. 

Likewise, it could be an indication that the best route to success this week would be to develop these attributes and ways of dealing with the world yourself.

Until next week…..stay grounded, practical and pragmatic.


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