wild {unknown} friday

  The card I drew this morning for the upcoming week is the Four of Swords. This depicts a little newborn lamb, sitting in a calm and untroubled way, seemingly unaware of the four swords hanging ominously above him. From the position of his “third eye” shines forth a beautiful yellow/red golden light, like a little sun which illuminates from within.
This card shows the need to rest and recuperate from anything which has taken it’s toll over the last few weeks. Although the problems haven’t entirely gone away or been resolved it is safe to take a pause for reflection and contemplation. In fact the very act of meditating or pondering on a dilemma may spark new insight or awareness on the next steps. Sometimes difficult past experiences can be called upon as learning opportunities which will be helpful going forward. The newborn lamb symbolises viewing the troublesome issues with fresh eyes and a new clarity and perspective. Often we can become stuck in a pattern of responding which becomes a vicious circle unless we are able to shift our jaded way of seeing things. If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll keep getting what we’ve always got.

So pause for thought this week and go within; tune into your own inner wisdom and listen carefully to any insight which floats to the surface of your psyche. Although the problems may not go away, you might feel an enhanced ability to deal with them if you are able to still your mind through the practice of mindfulness and meditation.


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