wild {unknown} friday

  This is another fascinating card from The Wild Unknown ~ the Seven of Pentacles, which was randomly selected for guidance for the upcoming week.
When I study this card I see what looks like a diagonal line of seeds planted in a furrow. It is as if the seeds have been sown and now we must cultivate them by providing the correct conditions for them to grow and develop and ultimately harvest the fruits of our labour…..whatever this may be.

This card seems to be saying too that there is a process to be followed here. In order to get from A to B we must stay on the path and not attempt to sidestep any of the steps along the way. If we wander off this linear progression there is no knowing where we may end up! This is definitely an exercise in preparation and then patience which can’t be hurried if we are to achieve success. We have planted the seeds…..now we must provide the optimum conditions for growth by nurturing and caring for them, and wait patiently until the time is right for them to bear fruit. Timing is everything, and this is an endeavour which cannot be hurried and where there are no shortcuts to success.

My first thought on seeing this card today was “you reap what you sow”. You will only get quality results if you put fertile seeds in the ground and then make sure they are nurtured every step of the way until they come to fruition in their own time and fashion. Patient waiting brings rewards.


6 thoughts on “wild {unknown} friday

  1. Once again, I am loving this series. And the way you style the shots with the cards is so simple and lovely. Keep going! Perhaps you will be able to have an index of the whole deck eventually- it would be so fun to be able to pull a card and then look up your interpretation? Or maybe it would be a great eBook compilation for people to download? Perhaps I just want this for myself. 🙂

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    1. I’m so pleased you are enjoying my interpretations. The eBook idea is great…..maybe one day when I’ve covered all the cards I will do this!


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