wild {unknown} friday

  This weeks randomly drawn card is The World. My first thoughts on studying this card are that the rainbow coloured segments around the circumference of The World look like piano keys. This signifies to me the diversity and difference which makes up the “one world”, and the beautiful symphony that requires everyone to play their part in orchestrating it. It symbolises the fact that we are all unique individuals, with diverse gifts and strengths, but that each of us has a part to play in creating the beautiful music of harmony and peace in the world. 
Sometimes it is easy to focus on the differences between people instead of drilling down to the similarities of experience which at a deeper level bind us all together on this earthly journey. We all love our families and friends and want the best for them; we all aspire to reach our potential and discover rewarding and fulfilling work; we all want to feel radiant and brimming with energy. Underneath the skin we are not so very different. 

There are many meanings of this card, including reaching a sense of completion and embarking on the next phase in your journey. It can mean that it is time to shed the old and nurture the new in the endless, eternal cycle of life……a time of regeneration and blooming. 

All of these meanings are equally valid and will depend on the interpretation the person reading this places on it. For me however, the idea of seeing all the inhabitants of the earth as being vital pieces in the vast jigsaw puzzle of life, holds most resonance right now in this troubled world we currently live in.


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