wild {unknown} friday

  The Fool card from The Wild Unknown Tarot depicts a tiny fluffy chick, poised with one foot already lifted from the branch, about to launch itself into a new phase of life. The branch it precariously perches on has the first signs of blossom, suggesting new cycles, new beginnings and new journeys. The top of the card has hues of yellow and orange which again emphasise a new day and a new dawn. Under the branch however the colour changes to a darker, murkier, muddy brown to symbolise the possible danger which the chick may face as she launches herself into the unknown in an instinctual leap of faith. This tiny little chick is much like a toddler with no sense of the possible dangers awaiting her, and unaware of the harsh realities of life. We hope however that her fluffiness will cushion the fall and help to ameliorate her innocence and naivety. 
After all, she really doesn’t have a choice. She must leave the comfort and safety of the nest and embark on her life’s journey. She must face the unknown as staying safe is not an option. Instinct forces her to launch herself and trust that when she makes the leap the net will appear.

In the same way we need to have a willingness to “go for it”. If we let fear hold us back we will never be aware of our true potential, or what we are really capable of.


3 thoughts on “wild {unknown} friday

  1. I’m being shown the same message from different directions. This confirms everything and the way you explained it is great. thank you


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