weekend blooms

  How to travel mindfully

Daily Splice collage mashup

I’m quietly coveting a jumpsuit – wonder if I could get away with it?

Great tips for healthy weight loss

Maybe she’s born with it…..nah, maybe not

I hope that we also get an opportunity to see this new series based on the memoirs of Patti Smith…..love her!

I have made many expensive mistakes with sunglasses. If you have too here is some advice about face shapes and styles.

Totally love Converse so might have to invest in a pair of these!

Who couldn’t use some simple exercises for an aching back?

I’ve never outgrown the tomboyish look…..here’s a great way to style a graphic tee shirt

Living vicariously and wishing I was going on a three week trip to France

An exercise and meditation for Sacral chakra healing

I’ve been thinking for a while that I need more adventure in life. This post has inspired me to go out and find it!

Just love Yasmin Le Bon and her ageless style 


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