Earth Spirit Blog ~ September

  September is traditionally the month when people take off on a gap year with the intention of seeing a bit more of the world. Whereas this was once a preserve of the young, nowadays people of all ages and circumstances have travel high up on their “bucket list” of things they wish to experience. 

Travelling is fun and inspirational, but can also be stressful at times as opening yourself to new experiences and vistas also emphatically takes you out of your comfort zone. 
This is why it’s good to have a few crystals to take along for the journey, especially if you struggle with a fear of the unknown and would just like an extra bit of comfort and protection on your travels.
Firstly then, I have a few crystals that are purported to have excellent protection qualities as companions on your travels.
Black Tourmaline protects the bearer and also actively repels negative energy. It helps to maintain our strength and vitality, even in the face of challenge. It is excellent for dispelling fear on aeroplane flights as it is able to bestow a sense of grounding and stability whatever our physical location.
Malachite is another protective stone which has been used specifically for aviators for protection in flight and also for alleviating vertigo. There are also strange stories of malachite breaking into pieces during moments of danger. Some say it is to warn of impending peril, whilst others explain it as the crystal “taking the hit” for a person. It can also enhance intuition and gut instinct which are always valuable qualities to be able to call on when travelling.
Another amazing crystal for enhancing our survival instincts and alertness to the present moment is Smoky Quartz. It also dissipates negativity and provides a bubble of protection around the bearer. If you are travelling with others, smoky quartz also eases tension and facilitates cooperation amongst companions.
So, now on to some crystals which will help to invoke a spirit of adventure and curiosity on your travels, which is equally important to get the most out of your travelling experience!
Mookaite is a stone which imparts a sense of safety allowing us to explore unknown territory without fear and trepidation. It is a stone of flexibility which opens us up to the possibilities within a situation and keeps us open to new experiences. It is also said to ground you to the energy of the earth and improve your sense of direction.
Another excellent stone to help you to enter into a spirit of adventure when travelling is Carnelian. It increases vitality and energy and boosts motivation and endurance. It also heightens our sense of inquisitiveness ensuring that travellers get involved with and immerse themselves in their surroundings.
A final stone to consider taking on your journey is Citrine. It is thought to help you both acquire and protect wealth so it would be a great crystal to keep amongst your valuables when travelling. Because of it’s reputation for enlivening the mind it is great for problem solving and synthesising information. It is fabulous for figuring out the logistics of getting from A to B and ensuring you have a successful and smooth trip. 
I hope this has provided some useful information regarding which crystals to pack in your luggage to enhance your travelling adventures. If you know someone who is taking a year out to see the world then an unusual and unique gift would be each of the above crystals in a little silk pouch to tuck away in their backpack to hopefully help them make the most of their experience! We stock all these crystals and many more, upstairs at Earth Spirit.
We would love to hear about your gap year escapades! Leave us a comment below if you have any interesting tales to share.
Until next time…..
The Crystal Queen💛


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