wild {unknown} friday

  This weeks randomly drawn card is the Three of Pentacles from The Wild Unknown Tarot. Pentacles talk of earthly endeavours and so for me, this card tells of a challenging and arduous task where teamwork and collaboration will be imperative to getting the job done.
Although the mountain to be scaled looks dark and foreboding, and positively treacherous in places, the energy of the three pentacles working together indicates that they are up to the task. 

The pentacles are red, blue and yellow…..the primary colours out of which all other hues are created. Red represents passion, action and energy; blue symbolises communication and emotion; yellow signifies the mind, imagination and inspiration. All these aspects are essential, and part and parcel of the solidarity and unity of working together on a project. 

The primary colours also signify that there is a full spectrum of skills, qualities, abilities and talents which have been brought to the table by the team collaborating to get this job done. It is important to use the skill sets of the individuals involved for the benefit of the whole team.

To sum up then, the road ahead may be rocky and challenging in places and it will be hard to pull off. However everything required is available and the sense of achievement in the end will be so worth it.

This weeks song, celebrating the energies of the Three of Pentacles is Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now ~ Starship


One thought on “wild {unknown} friday

  1. Great card – great reading – I’m going to sit with this a while… I feel it reflects my life at the moment with my husband and I juggling work, raising two kids and trying to balance everything… Although it’s hard we are a heck of a team and we make it work… This card is a good reminder of the need for that the work to overcome our obstacles . Thanks you xx Gill

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