wild {unknown} friday

  A strange thing happened this morning. I picked up my deck to select this weeks random card and last weeks card, the Three of Pentacles shot straight out of the deck! My immediate thought was that I can’t interpret this card again, but then it dawned on me that there must be an important message here. I shuffled again and this time got the Five of Wands. Then it dawned on me what the tarot was trying to tell me!

The Five of Wands is all about chaotic, confusing and scattered energies. The wands look as if they have been tossed up into the air and have landed wherever they may causing the destruction of order and change. There is a lot of tension and disorientation in this card, just as if someone or something has thrown a spanner into the works causing the best laid plans to be knocked off course. 

The Five of Wands can also point to a competitive kind of energy. This can be in a useful, productive way such as when two people bounce ideas off each other or brainstorm to come up with creative new solutions to thorny issues. It can also indicate that egos have gone awry, and there is much sparring and vying for attention.

I’m afraid to say that unfortunately I was guilty of this more destructive way of looking at the Five of Wands yesterday, when it became apparent that a work colleague had appropriated an idea of mine, and tried to pass it off as her own. I felt that my project had been hijacked and I could feel a sense of anger and indignation starting to rise within me. Although I knew that I really shouldn’t be succumbing to this sense of playground anguish at someone stealing my ideas, it was almost impossible to control this rising frustration. 

Then I remembered the Three of Pentacles which was last weeks card, and it’s emphasis on collaboration and cooperation. The fact that it had made itself known again this morning confirmed to me that these qualities are still very much needed to navigate this situation in a gracious and adult manner. Maybe someone else’s input and ideas into my pet project could actually enhance and improve what I had come up with? Perhaps instead of seeing this as unwanted interference and treading on my toes, I could reframe it as help and support to ensure that this project is the best that it can be?

It will probably be difficult and challenging to see it in this way, but I am determined to try and put my ego aside and work with my colleague, instead of butting heads in an attempt to hang on to false pride.

This weeks song is Change ~ Taylor Swift


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