wild {unknown} friday

  Once again this morning, as I shuffled my deck to select this weeks random card, last weeks card the Six of Cups jumped out of the deck with an attention seeking attitude of ‘choose me’! So, with that in mind I went on to select another card to see where the meanings of the Six of Cups might be influencing this weeks energies too. 

The card which demanded to be picked for this week is the Two of Cups, so once again we stay in the watery realm of feelings, emotions and relationships. It is interesting that we are still in the period of the Mercury Retrograde where the emphasis is on revisiting the past in order to make more sense of the present and clarify our path for the future. The Two of Cups speaks of romantic relationships in their early stages of blossoming, and the Six of Cups takes us back to a fond and nostalgic rememberance of the past. Could these two cards be connected I wonder?

 My immediate thought on drawing the Two of Cups today was “new romance”, so it looks as though it might be an interesting week for some of us! Because the rose stem on the right is placed behind the cup, but crossing the rose on the left, I also think this new romance could possibly be with someone already in the background or from the past; someone with whom your path has already crossed, but not necessarily in a romantic way? Exciting stuff!

This simple looking card is resplendent with symbolism. Beginning with the word “rose” itself which can be rearranged to spell “Eros”, the Greek god of love. What could be more fitting? 
The roses themselves are at the bud stage, symbolising a relationship in the very early stages. At this stage in a relationship we are usually reluctant to open up fully, hiding insecurities and vulnerabilities from our prospective partner. However, both roses have leaves which suggests that the fledgling relationship holds promise and will likely flourish and blossom given time and care. Another thing which bodes well for the partnership is that neither rose bud has any thorns, signifying that it is not necessary to fear being hurt by your potential partner. Alternatively it could symbolise love at first sight, with no obstacles or difficulties to stand in the way.

I hope this weeks card resonates with you. Be especially aware of anyone from your past who puts in an appearance in your present reality. Maybe they are the key to your future?

In My Life ~ The Beatles


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