wild {unknown} friday

  The random card drawn from The Wild Unknown for the upcoming week is the Two of Wands. 

For anyone who has been diligently working towards their goals, this is an excellent sign! The two wands depicted on the card are almost touching ~ there is hardly a ‘hairs breadth’ between them. This signifies that things could come together in spectacular ways! Once the wands touch then all manner of things may be activated. It is a case of light the blue touch paper and watch things take off like a rocket.

The two wands may also symbolise various different strands of a venture which suddenly gels and yields amazing results. You are so close to a breakthrough and immensely exciting possibilities. 

To manifest your dreams it is important to continue to focus on a positive outcome. The blues and indigo towards the bottom of the card imply that relying on intuition and visualisation to guide your way forward is the way to go. The fiery oranges and reds at the top of the card suggest that the manifestation of your desires is there for the taking.

This card really is saying that it’s a new day and a new dawn…..and the possibilities are limitless!

Feeling Good ~ Nina Simone


2 thoughts on “wild {unknown} friday

    1. Glad they resonate with you Janet….I have a theory that they have a message for whoever comes across them due to the power of synchronicity! 🙂


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