Earth Spirit Blog ~ October

  I thought I’d start this months blog post with a little bit of background info regarding the themes associated with the pagan Sabbat of Samhain. It is a fire festival, celebrated with bonfires and feasts, and an ancient festival to honour the ancestors, their spirits and wisdom.

It is known as a time when the tides of life turn inwards, and the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is at it’s thinnest. Because the spirit world is close at hand Samhain is considered the best time to make contact with departed loved ones. There are several traditions practised at this time which reflect this desire, including keeping a fire or candle burning to welcome the dead and setting a place at the table for a departed loved one, to honour them and celebrate their memory. Jack O’Lanterns are also carved out of pumpkins and left on doorsteps to ward off evil spirits.
 Samhain is also the perfect time for psychic work and self development, being a season for turning inwards and wrapping up unresolved issues. Traditionally scrying is used to gain insight and receive messages to help us with our manifesting and transformation goals. We can call on the wisdom of the elders who have departed this world for advice on releasing bad habits and old patterns that no longer serve us. Of course there are many other 

tools to help us connect and receive answers, including tarot, runes, pendulums and crystals. This is also an amazing time to schedule past-life regression sessions or guided meditations to learn something specific from the ancestors.
So, now to move on to some crystals which lend themselves well to psychic exploration –
•Black Obsidian

This crystal is great for scrying, and also has the advantage of being highly protective and grounding, ridding your space of negative energy. It is also invaluable for helping to process the grief from the loss of a loved one.

This crystal has been used since ancient times to assist the dead on their journey to the afterlife. It is one of the few stones that never needs cleansing, so Carnelian is a wonderful choice to keep with other stones to help clear their energies.
•Smoky Quartz

This crystal is extremely grounding and protective. It can be used to assist with manifesting one’s goals and dreams, so is fantastic to use in ritual work.

This crystal works to clear and energise the Third Eye chakra allowing you to be more open to spiritual energies. It is an amazing companion for divination as it enhances clairvoyance and psychic vision.
•Rainbow Moonstone

This stone is fantastic for connecting us to the divine feminine energy of the Goddess, thereby increasing and strengthening intuition.
•Petrified Wood

Fossilised wood is very grounding and connects with earth energies. It is a convenient way to bring nature into your environment if you live in an urban setting.

This stone assists with releasing old patterns which hold us back, and works to attract that which is for our highest good in life.
I hope this whistle-stop tour of the sabbat of Samhain has been useful and informative. Enjoy your Samhain festivities!
Until next month, The Crystal Queen💛


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