wild {unknown} friday

  This weeks randomly drawn card for the upcoming week is the Eight of Wands.

This card is all about fast, frenetic, full on energy and I’m guessing that for many of us, this is exactly what we are experiencing, like it or not, as we gear up for the Christmas festivities. 

The image on the card puts me in mind of a Catherine Wheel firework, which blazes super bright and fiercely, but just as quickly burns itself out. I get the feeling that for many of us there is a sense that it’s nearly time to light the blue touch paper and stand well back as we are launched into the madness that is Christmas!

 This week we don’t want to end up as a casualty of ‘burnout’ so it’s mega important to try and pace ourselves, rather than attempting to tackle everything on our ‘to do’ list in one fell swoop. Organising and prioritising will go a long way towards meeting the Christmas season feeling calm and relaxed rather than frazzled and on the point of a melt down. 

A good old list with all the stuff that needs our attention wouldn’t go amiss. Or if you’re more technologically minded there are many organisational and time management apps that might be your saviour and allow you to sail through this hectic time with aplomb and prevent you flying off on a tangent! 

Don’t forget to get others involved too and delegate some of the tasks, so that Christmas doesn’t find you virtually on your knees by the time the big day rolls around. 

Another possibility with the Eight of Wands is that something unexpected may happen…..literally a bolt from the blue! This could be a sudden flash of inspiration; an event, or a communication which comes out of nowhere. Because the image on the card depicts a rainbow coloured streak of lightening however I usually interpret this to err on the side of positive news or events.

I would love to hear your experiences of how the Eight of Wands manifested in your life this week. Please do share with me in the comments!

Until next week…..many blessings 


The Eagles – Take it Easy


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