wild {unknown} friday

  Here is the randomly drawn card for the upcoming week from 11th December to the 17th December.

This weeks card is the Four of Cups, depicting a rat sitting on top of four beautiful sparkly goblets. 

This card is about not being able to see the good things right under your nose. Other people looking in on your situation would probably consider that you have a good life, and indeed you probably do have everything you need emotionally, including the love and support of others. 

However, this card might be an indication that you are taking the many blessings raining down into your life for granted, leading to a sense of dissatisfaction and discontent. 

It could also be that the contents of the goblets contain a well of unused gifts, talents and potential which you are failing to use, resulting in a feeling of boredom and apathy. If you sit on your gifts in this way and refuse to appreciate and share them then eventually they will stagnate. The symbolism of the rat shows how our life can be contaminated by this lack of appreciation, leaving us with a feeling of torpor and disillusionment.

This card can also indicate a sense of greed and the feeling that whatever we have it is never enough. Others might see that we have a wealth of good things in our life, but we refuse to see this and instead surround ourselves with an impenetrable shroud of darkness and even depression.

Maybe at this time of year when there is rampant consumerism all around us, it’s a good time to remember how much we really do have to be grateful for, and appreciate all the good things in our lives.


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