wild {unknown} friday

  This weeks randomly drawn card for the week from 18th December to the 24th December is the Father of Pentacles

When one of the Court cards comes up in a reading we can see this as either energies within ourself that we need to bring to the fore at the present time, or alternatively it can indicate a person in our life that displays these character traits. Although this card is known as the “Father” it doesn’t necessarily refer to a man….it could just as easily be a woman that embodies these characteristics.

So, what might this person bring to the party? 

This personality is very earthy and grounded; someone reliable and straightforward. This is definitely a “what you see is what you get” type. Their stability and steadiness can sometimes border on stubbornness to be honest. They are more than capable of standing their ground in any kind of conflict (just look at those antlers…..you wouldn’t want to mess with them!). This is the kind of person you need on your side if you have a testing situation to deal with. They are loyal, protective and nurturing to their loved ones and will always have your back!

This person has perfected the art of manifesting their needs on the physical plane. Hard slog and practical effort has resulted in material comfort and security. They are usually hard workers who are now enjoying the fruits of their labour and providing abundance and maybe even luxury to their loved ones.

This person is usually placid and gentle, but if provoked can become a forbidable opponent. Their power is in their unshakeable belief in their own worth; this person may be quiet and unassuming but they have an inner core of steel and potency which they will not hesitate to access if required. 

This week it would be valuable to consider where you could integrate some of the traits of the Father of Pentacles. 

•Focus on solutions, accentuating what you can do, and your own abilities in any given situation. 

•Step fully into your self worth and consider what competencies you have developed which would be useful in meeting challenges.

•How is consistency and reliability being expressed by yourself and others?

I hope you have found this weeks reading helpful, and if the situation arises, you are able to call upon your inner Father of Pentacles to come through any challenges you encounter.

Until next week,


Caro Tarot💛


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