wild {unknown} friday

  The randomly drawn card for the festive period is the Daughter of Cups! The Pages (or in this deck, the Daughters) of the tarot are often considered messengers, and I can’t think of a better card to convey Seasons Greetings and good cheer than this little cygnet and the rainbow colours she reflects. 

The Cups in the tarot relate to emotions, relationships and our artistic and imaginative leanings. Although this card is called the ‘Daughter’ as always it can describe either a man or woman with this type of energy.

 The Daughter of Cups personality describes someone who is gentle, loving and a peacemaker. This person hates confrontation, hostility and conflict and will try to avoid it at all costs. This person will do their utmost to bring a sense of harmony, peace and belonging to all their interactions with others. 

Being highly perceptive and intuitive they are able to accurately read the emotions of others and tune into when someone is feeling excluded or out on a limb. They are skilful and sensitive and masters at using their emotional intelligence to defuse any tension that may arise and make everyone feel valued and special. They are always able to see the best, and more importantly bring out the best in others.

If you are spending Christmas with a Daughter of Cups character they will have most likely used their considerable creative and artistic talents to make sure that everyone has a beautiful day. These are the type of people who put immense time and effort into the little details such as hand making beautiful festive table decorations and choosing and wrapping gifts in a thoughtful and original manner. They are sentimental about making great memories for their loved ones, and consider that family traditions and rituals are sacrosanct.

The Daughter of Cups is highly empathic and compassionate, and due to her idealistic and emotional nature can easily fall victim to others who may take advantage of her good nature, leaving her vulnerable to hurt feelings and disillusionment. 

She constantly gives others the benefit of the doubt and sees only the good in them…..but like the classic tale ‘The Ugly Duckling’, she often fails to recognise that true beauty is within, and she is often the last one to see it in herself.

Wishing all Earth Spiriters a peaceful and harmonious festive season!

Until next time,

Caro Tarot💛


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