wild {unknown} friday

  When I drew the ‘We Are The World’ card I couldn’t contain a gasp of hope and inspiration concerning the present situation that Hebden Bridge and it’s many beautiful shops and residents are in the midst of dealing with.

The catastrophic floods and their aftermath have caused much despair and heartache. But out of this tragic turn of events has sprung the most awe inspiring and heartwarming coming together of many diverse people and communities, working tirelessly to mitigate the impact on businesses and domestic properties.

I don’t think any other card could say this better, depicting as it does a myriad of diverse individuals coming together with a common aim to get Hebden Bridge up and running again as soon as humanly possible. 

It perfectly portrays ‘people power’, and the extraordinary things that can be achieved when the human race collaborates and unifies to ameliorate the suffering of their neighbours, friends and strangers. 

Everyone has done something valuable for the benefit of the whole. Some have been involved in the physical hard work of the clean up campaign; some have donated much needed supplies of cleaning products, food and hot drinks to keep people going; some people have offered temporary accommodation to those left homeless; some have donated to the Flood Relief Fund; some even offered ‘Free Hugs’ to help others to get through.

It has tested out beautiful town to it’s absolute limits, but what has been revealed beneath the sludge of the receding water is the true spirit of the inhabitants of Hebden Bridge and those who came to their aid in their hour of need……our common humanity.

This card also symbolises the interconnections and communication between people. The Internet and Social Media have shown once again what a force for good they can be when utilised to mobilise people and supplies. How would this clean up campaign have been possible without this tool to allow the outside world to know of our plight and to coordinate resources to where they were most needed?

Before I sign off from this weeks card interpretation there is one more observation I would like to make, and that is to draw your attention to the myriad of sparkling stars twinkling around the earth. Stars in the tarot are always about hope and positivity, so although it will undoubtedly be a long haul, I have no doubt that Hebden Bridge will return…..brighter and more dazzling than ever.

We Are The World – Michael Jackson


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