wild {unknown} friday

  The randomly drawn card for the upcoming week is Death, which on first impressions can appear to be a very scary prospect indeed!

However, please don’t be alarmed as this card can also signify much more positive occurrences. 

In the last few weeks since the fateful events of Boxing Day, I have been exploring the terrain we all now find ourselves navigating in the Calder Valley through the imagery of tarot. This week is yet another ‘goosebumps’ moment which totally sums up the concept of #CalderdaleRising in a tarot card!

Although the Death card may herald big changes, often unexpected, and may feel as though we are all caught up in the path of events we cannot escape, ultimately it can usher in new ways of being and new possibilities which could never have been envisioned before this cataclysmic, life changing chapter unfolded.

This indiscriminate sweeping force which changed life as we know it on Boxing Day also gives an amazing opportunity for renewal and transformation. Of course we would not have chosen for this painful situation to occur, but out of this ending can emerge a new beginning…..bigger and better than before, and give birth to something more valuable and powerful. Exercising our creative imaginations will allow us to visualise new possibilities.

At the moment we are navigating the transitional phase of picking up the pieces of our broken lives and livelihoods, but already new constructive patterns are starting to emerge. As the regeneration of the Calder Valley gets underway we are able to take a step back before moving forward in our quest to build a better, stronger and more resilient community.

Buildings are being renovated and repaired to ensure that they are more resilient to future floods; people are working together to ensure that more vulnerable members of the community are supported during this transition; groups have emerged to set up flood relief appeals demonstrating the willingness of local people to help themselves in this terrible situation and the enormous generosity of those not affected to help those that are; maybe the sheer scale of the effort will inspire the powers that be to put in place schemes to mitigate the effects of future heavy rainfall on our beautiful landscape? 

Out of this destruction has been born such strength, steel and determination. We will not be vanquished and with the support of friends and strangers the Calder Valley will rise again, bigger, better, grittier and more tenacious than ever.


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