Earth Spirit Blog Post ~ January

It’s now been almost a month since the terrible floods of Boxing Day and many people have been working tirelessly to attempt to restore some semblance of normality in their lives.
In a crisis situation of this magnitude there comes a time when we realise we are now running on a combination of adrenalin and thin air with nothing left to give. All of the usual self care routines we have in place have inevitably fallen by the wayside as we struggle just to survive. It’s almost impossible to eat a balanced diet or exercise, not to mention getting enough sleep or keeping up a meditation practice when your life has been literally turned upside down. 
Many people have succumbed to the various bugs and illnesses which are doing the rounds after the flood water receded and left contaminants in it’s wake. Lack of sleep added to stress, worry, exhaustion and shock are only compounding the problem.
So, this month I thought I’d write a blog post about the best crystals to use to help ameliorate stress, worry and exhaustion, to hopefully help us in some small way to navigate a path through this chaos and destruction and come out the other side.
Probably the best way to use crystals for this purpose is to keep them on your person so that you are surrounded by their auric field. You could place your crystal of choice in your pocket or wear it as a pendant or in the form of other jewellery such as a bracelet or earrings. 
You could also place your crystal in your environment if it is too large to transport around with you, such as on a bedside table where you can feel it’s comforting vibes while you sleep and refresh.
Another excellent way to use crystals to access their full benefit is whilst meditating. If you are in the middle of a full blown crisis you might find it impossible to dedicate the time to your usual practice, however even a couple of minutes of deep breathing and centring whilst holding your crystal of choice might be beneficial.
There are many crystals which can be used to help reduce stress and it’s negative side effects. Below are just a few of my favourites, but I urge you to go with whatever works for you because in the world of crystals there is no right or wrong.
• Rose Quartz

Because of it’s very gentle, peaceful energy I always feel a sense of comfort and nurturing when working with this beautiful crystal. To me it’s the equivalent of a big warm hug from the crystal realm!
• Amethyst

This is a great crystal to place in your environment, maybe on your nightstand, as it helps to transmute negative energy. Amethyst helps you to think and act at your highest level and promotes feelings of peace. It is also an excellent crystal to counteract sleep problems and insomnia…..often an issue during times of high stress and crisis.
• Clear Quartz

This is an excellent general physical system fortifier and protector. Hold a clear quartz crystal at your solar plexus and breath evenly for several minutes to calm your emotions, relax the body, clear the mind and refresh your energy.
• Garnet

Garnet is an excellent energy revitaliser which is indispensable when you have had to navigate a particularly difficult, physically demanding time. It helps to ground stress and retain feelings of personal empowerment in situations where you feel helpless and completely powerless.
I hope that this guide has helped in some small way to mitigate the extremely difficult circumstances that the people of the Calder Valley have had to deal with these last few weeks.
Until next time….
The Crystal Queen💛


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