wild {unknown} friday

  This weeks random card is the Ten of Cups, a beautiful card which speaks of harmony, wholeness and emotional ties. 

It shows the interconnectedness and reciprocity between others, ourselves and our environment and demonstrates that we need and rely on each other in complex ways. The card encompasses all the colours of the rainbow symbolising the emotional ties between families and friends and a sense of completeness and wholeness. There is a sense of give and take embodied within this card, and also the idea of harmony and symmetry which comes from the idea of offering emotional support and unconditional love to others, which is then naturally reciprocated. 

In fact this card teaches that to receive love, joy and support it is essential to embody these qualities yourself; this kind of fulfilment can only be attained by giving as well as receiving. 

So, for me this card has a joyful and secure vibe and reminds me of a happy gathering of family or friends where there is much talking, laughter and sharing. Everyone feels the positive energy of acceptance, connection and unity and there is an atmosphere of generosity of spirit extended to all who are a part of this gathering. Mutuality and solidarity are the order of the day!


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