Earth Spirit Blog Post ~ March

  On the 20th of March we celebrate the Spring Equinox when officially Spring arrives! Ostara is from Eostre who is the Germanic goddess of Spring.

This festival is a celebration of new life, renewal and rebirth. Hopefully by now we are starting to observe all the new things beginning around us. Plants, flowers, insects and birds are all starting to stir, and animals are emerging from hibernation. There is an intrinsic sense of newness and freshness; everything hinted at during Imbolc is now in full swing.
This is a time of enormous fecundity so fertility symbols abound such as the female March hare…..who can conceive a second litter whilst still pregnant with the first!
To honour this season in our own lives there are a number of activities which would be perfect to do at this time such as walking through a park, or hiking in a forest and noticing the new life which surrounds you in nature. It is also the perfect time to sow seeds as the earth starts to reawaken after it’s long winter sleep. 
It is written in green leaves, flower buds and chicks hatching out of eggs. The balance of light and dark is now in perfect equilibrium for this moment in time, the hours of daylight being equal to those of night.
Upstairs at Earth Spirit we have a range of supplies available to celebrate this festival including essential oil space aromas, incense, crystals and beautiful cards.šŸ’›


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