Earth Spirit Blog Post ~ Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice or Litha falls on the 20th June and marks the point at which the Sun reaches the height of it’s power. This is the longest day and shortest night and from here on in begins it’s decline. The colour themes of Litha are vibrant yellows and glowing gold to reflect the Sun at the zenith of its power. 

The Earth has warmed up by this point and the rampant growth period has reached it’s peak, with abundant flowers, growing crops and burgeoning wildlife. This is also the annual peak of our expressive and expansive selves and as such is a great time to celebrate who we are and all our achievements. Are there things in your life which have run their course and which should now be replaced with new growth? Or maybe there are old projects which can be started anew or attacked with renewed energy and gusto.
Often at this time there are symbolic re-enactments of the battle for supremacy between the light and dark greens of the Oak and Holly Kings at festivals celebrating the Summer Solstice. The Oak King has reigned supreme until this point in the year, but now is the time for the Holly King to see his power grow again, culminating at Yule or the Winter Solstice. Most importantly, remember that light and dark have nothing to do with good or evil – it is simply that light signifies growth and expansion, whereas dark is a time for withdrawal and rest.
Following are some things that may be fun to do at the Summer Solstice and which will put you in touch with the energy of this turn of The Wheel of the Year…..
•Stay up all night on the Solstice and watch the sun rise. Celebrate the Sun and meditate on it’s gifts to us.
•Light an outdoor fire and symbolically throw into the fire what is holding you back from achieving your highest potential. Write it on a piece of paper and burn it and as it is consumed with fire let go of anything stopping you from moving forward in your life.
Create a little shrine to the Sun and add a posy of flowers with a wish for the upcoming energy change. Alternatively if you will be celebrating at a festival or gathering, adorn yourself with flower garlands or a head-dress!


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