wild {unknown} friday

This week is a good time to take some time out to mull over your options. Don’t feel pressured to jump right into a particular course of action. This card shows that you have time to seek your own inner guidance and wisdom on any matter that is troubling you, and in fact it may actually be beneficial to hit pause before reaching a final decision. You may even find that by doing nothing a problem miraculously solves itself!


wild {unknown} friday

This week’s Card is the Four of Pentacles, and so it would be great to use this energy as an opportunity for consolidation. Anywhere in your life where a greater sense of stability and security is needed would be the best place to start. Because we are dealing with the suit of Pentacles, this will relate to the physical world of money, home, your body and health, and the natural world. Maybe you need to turn your attention to your finances to build in more security for the coming year? Or perhaps the excesses of the festive season have left you feeling sluggish and lacklustre? This is a fantastic time for putting in place sustainable steps to stabilise and ground your plans for the upcoming year.

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Caro Tarot💛

wild {unknown} friday

This week, be still, and listen carefully to incoming information. This may take the form of snippets of conversation overheard; song lyrics; something you read in a book, or inspiration from your own intuition. There could be some highly useful information here, and something that you will immediately recognise as truth…..it may feel like tiny light bulbs firing in your mind and producing a significant “ah-ha” moment.💛

wild {unknown} friday

The randomly drawn card for the upcoming week is Death, which on first impressions can appear to be a very scary prospect indeed! However, please don’t be alarmed as this card can also signify much more positive occurrences.

Although the Death card may herald big changes, often unexpected, and may feel as though we are all caught up in the path of events we cannot escape, ultimately it can usher in new ways of being and new possibilities which could never have been envisioned before this cataclysmic, life changing chapter unfolded. These types of major turning points and times of reckoning also give an amazing opportunity for renewal and transformation.

Of course many of us may not have chosen for this situation to occur, but out of this ending can emerge a new beginning…..bigger and better than before, and give birth to something more valuable and powerful. Exercising our creative imaginations will allow us to visualise new possibilities.

During this period of transition  it can be difficult to see in which way the jigsaw puzzle is going to fit back together, but soon new constructive patterns will begin to emerge. We are given an opportunity to take a step back before moving forward in our quest to build a better, stronger and more resilient global community.
Out of such profound change will hopefully be born a new paradigm of strength and determination to ensure that what comes next is an improved, inclusive and more positive version of consensus reality.

wild {unknown} friday

Two’s company, three’s a crowd. This week you could feel left out in the cold in a relationship…..betrayed but yet bound into a situation from which you feel there is no escape. In this ménage a trois there are no winners; everyone is damaged and bloodied, battered and bruised. It needs one of the parties to realise the destructive nature of this liaison and start the process to cut the ties that bind and extricate themselves. This is the only way to set everyone free so that they can go forward to love and live to the full again.

wild {unknown} friday

The Pentacles represent the physical and material aspects of life, so the Father of Pentacles is someone who has dominion over the material world and through hard work, discipline and a conscientious attitude is able to create wealth, security and stability.

This person has reached the pinnacle of prosperity and affluence and consequently is now able to take pride in their achievements and enjoy the luxury, abundance and sensuality derived from the fruits of their labour.

This person is skilled in wealth generation and never misses a business opportunity. The Father of Pentacles is strong and powerful and takes great pride in being an excellent provider who ensures the stability, security and protection of his loved ones.

The more negative aspects of this character which can sometimes be apparent are a tendency to be authoritative, controlling and domineering.

When The Father of Pentacles puts in an appearance it may be an indication that someone with these qualities may enter your life. It can also be a time when you will achieve the best results by incorporating the energies of this card into your projects!

wild {unknown} friday

We all have times in our lives when things feel desperate and hopeless. The Five of Cups depicts this time of mourning and grief when we need to work through painful emotions and feelings. When we are in the thick of these difficult times it seems that there is no end to our suffering, and that we will never feel joy or happiness again. It is important to treat ourselves gently and with kindness as we traverse this challenging terrain. There is no short cut to working through this process, however this card holds out the promise that when we are ready, we will once again raise our face to the sun and realise that life is good.